Bonny, Rivers State, Nigeria

Overview – Medical Clinic


Wecare Missions Inc., organized a medical mission trip to Bonny in Rivers State of Nigeria.  Bonny Island is situated at the southern edge of Rivers State in the Niger Delta of Nigeria near Port Harcourt. Ferries are the main form of transport to and from the island.

We thank God for his faithfulness, mercy and protection as we travel to these remote regions of the world.  Four of us (Chichi Madus, Fatima Yakubu-Madus, Nneka Madus and Tonye Teme) travelled from United States to meet at Port Harcourt, Rivers State with 52 medical personnel and together continued our journey to Bonny in a ferry boat.

We provided medical care to 2438 patients, including free filling of prescriptions (~ 4 per patient), eye glasses and cataract surgeries.  Our services ranged from general consultation for diagnoses – screening and providing treatment for diabetes and hypertension; weight management screening and visual testing to determine overall quality of vision. We provided medications, glasses and for some patients, surgical lens implant to treat diseases of the eye – glaucoma, cataracts, and ptyregium.

Because of you, we are reaching more people with the love of God in practical ways through our mission’s outreach program in this part of the world. We are grateful for your partnership and financial support and pray for continued blessings for you, family, and your ministries.  With your support, we are making a difference in peoples’ lives, one person at a time!!!

Overview – Eye Clinic


​The 2018 Wecare Mission outreach was held in Bonny in Rivers State: Eye Clinic report by Dr. Lateef.

The Wecare mission 2018 was held at Bonny Island Rivers state Nigeria it was a long journey through the roads and then the boat cruise to the island. Our host was the St. Stephen’s Anglican Cathedral Church.

It all began with an opening ceremony at the Cathedral where the Dean of the church in company with other church members graced the ceremony. Afterwards we moved into action with our team and other volunteers that assisted in settings up the eye clinic.

The visual acuity of every patient was mandatory followed by external examination using the penlight to rule out any abnormally like pterygium, hordeolum, chalazion style etc. ophthalmoscopy was carried on every patient to rule out cataract, glaucoma and any other condition that could result in avoidable blindness.

The Perkins applanation tonometer was used to measure the intra ocular pressure (IOP) of Patient’s with suspicious optic disc to rule out increased pressure to rule out glaucoma. Antiglaucoma medications was given and those patients with allergies and conjunctivitis were give appropriate medication as well.

Patient with difficulty seeing clearly at distance and near were refracted and reading glasses were dispensed. A total of over 500 pair of reading glasses were dispensed with in the period and total of 39 surgeries were carried out 18 cataract surgery, 20 pterygium and a face mass.

In summary a total of 816 patients were seen and our finding reveal a high prevalence of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), followed by immature cataract, allergic conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis and pterygium.

I would recommend that there should be an awareness campaign on the need for regular health check and by extension eye examination in order to reduce incidence of avoidable blindness.

I must appreciate our host St. Stephen’s Cathedral Bonny, the facilitators Deaconess Fatima Madus, Dr. Mrs Teme Awoere, Nneka Madus, Chichi Madus the entire medical team home and abroad my team mates; Dr’s. Miracle E. Dumbiri, Nathan Iyami, Ogbeta Ohirenuan, and Nathaniel Egheose.  Above all thanks to God almighty who made this mission a huge success despite the enormous challenges.


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