2019 Donors and Partners

Ayo Ojomo $250

Chichi Madus $4450

Christ Church Cathedral. $2000

Corrie Jones. $50

Drs. Dick & Hudner Hobbs $100

Dr. Dayo & Mfon Adedayo. $1000

Dr. Jennifer Schamerlof. $200

Dr. Tonye Teme. $1700

Fatima Yakubu’Madus. $5527

Franciscan Foundation $500

Dr. Karen Rodman. $200

Rev. Kate Wilson. $200

Speedway Christian Church. $500

Dr. Nkechi Okwechime $100

Othelda Spencer $25

Nneka Madus $350

Rahamat Jimoh $555

Shawn Englert $1110

Dr. Alasa Musa (host) $1735

Dr. Tonye Teme fund raising. $1427.8

Brad Ayers fund raising $840

In kind Donations:

Theresa &Dwight Stinson (Josh) $350

Dr. Alasa Musa (Hotel & Feeding) $6265

Heart to Heart


Kingsway Charity

Owan W. Local Government

Indiana Women Prisons

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