Etsako West Community, Edo State, Nigeria

Day 1 opening


We thank God for his faithfulness, mercy and protection as we travel to these remote regions of the world. We are especially grateful for you, our partner for your prayers and financial support for these medical missions. Your continued support is enabling the success of this ministry’s programs.

According to the World Health Organization (www.who.int), about 2 billion people across the world have no access to lifesaving medicines and some families save money for years just to be able to see a doctor or a specialist. The greatest tragedy is that millions die or suffer needlessly from illnesses that can be so easily avoided. So, we are very grateful and appreciative of the opportunity you have afforded us to bring hope and healing to the people of this community.

Our services ranged from general consultation for diagnoses, screening and providing treatment for diabetes and hypertension; weight management, dentistry, screening and providing treatment for diseases of the eye – glaucoma, cataracts, and ptyregium, visual acuity.

By the grace of God we overcame many of the challenges and attended to over 2000 people. Because of you, we are making a difference in peoples’ lives, one person at a time!


• Delayed approval for the use of planned facility – General Hospital and importation of medicines/supplies
• The local Government withdrew their support of providing accommodation to the volunteers because outreach was been run at the Cathedral (A Christian facility). We were able to make arrangements with the hotel management for payments.

Your Contributions

Because of you, we are reaching more people with the love of God in practical ways through our mission’s outreach program in this part of the world. We are grateful for your partnership and pray for continued blessings for you, families, and your ministries. Thank you again for your thoughtful gift. We truly appreciate your continued support of our mission to provide free medical care for the poor in these rural villages in Nigeria.

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