2019 Medical Mission to Warrake

Dear Friends of Wecare Missions,

On behalf of our patients, I want to thank you for your dedication and spirit of giving.  I pray for blessings on you and yours.  You made a difference in these peoples lives and hope you will continue to work with Wecare Missions in the future for more impact. 

Wecare Missions conducted Mission trip to Warrake, a village in the mid-western area of Edo State.  Three volunteers travelled from USA to meet other local volunteers from various parts of Nigeria.

Patients were screened for diabetes, hypertension, malaria, and HIV/Aids during medical consultation. Over 2000 Adult patients were seen and 7797 prescription filled at no cost to the patient.  548 patients were screened at the eye clinic for visions screening and corrections; 418 received single vision glasses, 89 received refracted prescription glasses (mainly school age children) and 9 senior citizens.  Cataract/ Pteregium surgeries were conducted on 47 patients and out of these, 3 patients ages 7, 16, and 19 were able to start or resume their education as a result of this surgery to restore vision.  The impact of these surgeries without doubt is tremendous as these children would have been unable to fed for themselves in the future.  Additionally, 1 in 4 adults seen were diagnosed hypertensive, prevalence of malaria – over 600 adults & children tested positive for the malaria parasite, Ulcer in both adults and children was rampant with skin diseases and infections mostly in children.

2019 Summary Statistics:

Patients Registered 2360

Patients needing prescription medicines: 2056

prescription dispensed 7797

Eye clinic Patients  548

single vision glasses dispensed 418

Refractive glasses dispensed  89

Dental  187

Eye Cataract surgeries  47 

2019 Donors and Partners

Ayo Ojomo $250

Chichi Madus $4450

Christ Church Cathedral. $2000

Corrie Jones. $50

Drs. Dick & Hudner Hobbs $100

Dr. Dayo & Mfon Adedayo. $1000

Dr. Jennifer Schamerlof. $200

Dr. Tonye Teme. $1700

Fatima Yakubu’Madus. $5527

Franciscan Foundation $500

Dr. Karen Rodman. $200

Rev. Kate Wilson. $200

Speedway Christian Church. $500

Dr. Nkechi Okwechime $100

Othelda Spencer $25

Nneka Madus $350

Rahamat Jimoh $555

Shawn Englert $1110

Dr. Alasa Musa (host) $1735

Dr. Tonye Teme fund raising. $1427.8

Brad Ayers fund raising $840

In kind Donations:

Theresa &Dwight Stinson (Josh) $350

Dr. Alasa Musa (Hotel & Feeding) $6265

Heart to Heart


Kingsway Charity

Owan W. Local Government

Indiana Women Prisons