Dear Friends and Partners,

Support for 2019 Medical Mission to Warrake, Owan local government, Edo State – Nigeria

I am writing in appreciation and gratitude for your continued support of Wecare Missions Inc.  We are planning 2019 medical mission trip Warrake, a village in Edo State of Nigeria.  We are asking for your prayers and financial support to make this mission a success.

Wecare Missions Inc. was formally incorporated into a 501c entity in 2008; The mission of Wecare Missions is to improve the general health of the people by providing free quality medical care and health care education to the poor and underprivileged in the rural areas of Nigeria who could not otherwise afford it. Over the last 12 years, we have consistently provided quality medical care in form of diagnoses, treatments, and surgeries to the villagers at no cost.  Additionally, maintenance drugs for diabetes and hypertension are provided in 8 villages on a monthly basis at the Wellness clinics.

Wecare Missions Inc. is a model of Asset Based Community Development/Engagement since inception in 2007.   To maximize health care delivery and minimize costs, we work with local medical professionals and select team members that are familiar with the language and cultures of the community to facilitate our mission within the community. We use specialists that are willing to train and provide hands on opportunities to local professionals as this is one of Wecare Missions’ goals to teach and enable local volunteers to care for their own.

Here is a summary of our work:

Measurable Accomplishments since 2007:

  • Partnership with not for profit organizations to provide much needed medications valued at over $3.68 M
  • 457 eye surgeries for cataract and pterygium extractions
  • Attended to 31,091 patients during the yearly medical missions
  • Over 8000 Prescriptions filled at no cost to patient per mission
  • Conducted 6444 visual acuity tests
  • Dispensed about 4110 pair of reading glasses
  • 173 refractive (prescription) lenses

2018 Medical Mission at Bonny, Rivers State, Nigeria

Service Patients Served
Consultation 2438
Prescriptions filled 8815
Cataract surgeries 39
Eye clinic 816
Eye glasses dispensed 500
Sun glasses dispensed 39
Eye Glaucoma Rx 64
Malaria parasite testing (symptomatic) 428
+ ve; 52% 225
RVS (HIV) testing (symptomatic) 314
+ ve; 3% 9

WeCare Missions, Auchi

Service Patients Served
Wellness Clinic 672

We thank you in advance for your care, compassion and support Wecare Missions, Inc.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 317-459-0105


Please donate online through PayPal:

Or send a check to:   Wecare Missions, Inc., P.O Box 961, 125 W. South Street, Indianapolis, IN 46206

My most sincere gratitude,
Fatima Madus (Team leader/Missioner)