Ugbengun, Edo State, Nigeria

Overview – Medical Clinic


​Ugbengun is centrally located in Esan and comprises of nine villages. We thank God for his faithfulness, mercy and protection as we travel to these remote regions of the world. We are especially grateful for you, our partner for your prayers and financial support for 2017 medical mission; many thanks to our hosts the Musa family and the Onogie of Ugbengun. Your continued support is enabling the success of this ministry’s programs in reaching out to the neediest communities. We provided medical care to 2331 patients, including free filling of prescriptions (an avarage of 3.5 per patient), eye glasses and cataract surgeries.

Our services ranged from general consultation for diagnoses, screening and providing treatment for diabetes and hypertension; weight management, screening and providing treatment for diseases of the eye – glaucoma, cataracts, and ptyregium, visual acuity.

Because of you, we are reaching more people with the love of God in practical ways through our mission’s outreach program in this part of the world. We are grateful for your partnership and pray for continued blessings for you, families, and your ministries.

With your support, we are making a difference in peoples’ lives, one person at a time!!!

Overview – Eye Clinic


​The 2017 Wecare Mission outreach was held in Ugbegun in Esan central LGA of Edo: Eye Clinic report by Dr. Lateef.

​​Indeed work began in earnest as all volunteers arrived the venue a day earlier to make necessary preparations. On the first day of the mission the venue was filled to capacity and we immediately swing into action setting up the clinic and began to see patients with eye related problems. Every eye clinic patient went through the mandatory visual acuity test, to determine their point of entry vision, before other routine test were carried out to rule out pathological case from refractive cases. Hence we made sure we carried out a detailed external examination on every patient seen. The Ophthalmoscopic examination was also carried to rule out pathology. Bearing in mind the lens and optic discs. Base on these examinations preliminary diagnosis were made, patients found with lens opacity where referred to the ophthalmologist for further evaluation and possible cataract surgery. Other patients who had large optic disc cupping were diagnosed to have primary open angle glaucoma (POAG). The external examination also helped in diagnosing patients with pterygium, chalazion, hordeolum etc and were referred to the ophthalmologist for surgical intervention as well.

There were a lot of patients who had simple allergic conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis, dry eyes and other clinical conditions. These patients were examined, diagnosed and medications were prescribed to alleviate these conditions.


Patients with refractive conditions were made to go through a thorough refractive procedure to rule out hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism accommodative insufficiency, and presbyopia to mention a few. And appropriate lenses were prescribed and same dispensed to the patients. It is worthy of note to mention that over 510 pairs of glasses were dispensed. And patients were overjoyed, as they got free glasses, medications and surgeries, which ordinarily they could not afford due to high cost of accessing Medicare and the current recession the country is undergoing. A particular patients 17yrs old male was led by a relative to the clinic but on examination we found that he had undergone a bilateral cataract surgery and needed aphakic glasses, but had none because of the cost of the glasses. Hence he has been going about partially blind. After refraction we gave him his aphakic glasses which made everyone there surprise as he could go about is activities without any aid.

Refer to the Detailed Report page for a breakdown of patients treated at the eye clinic

In conclusion the Wecare Mission outreach at Ugbegun was a success as the turnout of patients seeking free Medicare was phenomenal. As most of patients the had the rare opportunity to see doctors at no cost and had their eye conditions treated.

​​I will like to make an appeal that the prevalence of POAG which is a major cause of irreversible blindness is high and should be looked into to reduce cases of avoidable blindness in rural communities.

My sincere thanks goes to God almighty, the president and founder Wecare Mission Deaconess Fatima Madus, my team mates, Dr Imionigie Oshioma, Dr Ojieabu Innocent, Dr Asemota Dennis, Dr Hakeem Dennis. For their team work without which we would not have achieved this success.

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